Dr. Leonard Coldwell e a água que bebemos

Dr. Leonard Coldwell falando a respeito da água que bebemos e qual a melhor água para se beber. Entrevista transcrita em inglês:

Dr. Leonard Coldwell talks about the contaminants in water and the best way to make sure you are getting clean water for drinking and bathing.
Contributor(s): Coldwell, Leonard Dr.
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Interviewer: Doctor, you’ve talked about hydration quite a bit. How important is the right kind of water? I mean, who knows when we turn the tap on what’s coming out of there? How do we find the right kind of water and is that, maybe, the wrong kind of water part of the problem as well?

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Both, yes. No, everything. First of all, you make it. The only water you can drink is the water you make. You buy an undersink. If you don’t have a lot of money, you buy an undersink. I think they have it still at Costco for $199, maybe $240. It’s not really expensive. You buy an undersink reverse osmosis water filter system. That’s the only water I would drink.

If you have the money, it’s like between $2,000 and $3,000 and $4,000 as a whole house water system. Then you can drink the water out of every faucet, and give it to animals too. That’s why dogs and cats get so much cancer, because from the fluoride and chlorine in the drinking water. You need to filter it yourself. You need to know what’s going on.

If you buy it, you buy it in plastic bottles then you have the problem with the BPA. Then you get feminized as a man and over-feminized as a woman. As a man you grow boobs, as a girl you get breast cancer. I would not drink anything I haven’t filtered myself. When we travel we buy a certain kind of water, I don’t want to advertise, but we buy certain kinds of water that is in bottles. I would never buy anything that’s in plastic. There are some waters, European waters. I only use European waters if I’m traveling, like ones here that come in glass bottles. Otherwise, I wouldn’t touch it. Then I just try to get fresh juice or anything like that. Or I go to Whole Foods and get a juice.

The most important part is that people understand there is chlorine and fluoride in the drinking water. Fluoride was used by Stalin and Hitler for the gulags and the Nazi concentration camps to make the people in the gulags and concentration camps docile and infertile. It has a direct impact, an instant impact on your brain. Chlorine, chloride is something that was called chloric gas in the gas format, and Adolf Hitler used this to murder all those Jewish people. That’s what’s in your drinking water.

When you get out of the shower and you are dizzy and nauseous, you think, “Oh, I showered too hot.” No, you didn’t. The shower head cuts open the water molecules, and the chlorine turns into gas and fills your shower and turns it into a gas chamber. A chloric gas chamber or chlorine gas chamber.

Then there are 256 different chemicals found in our drinking water. Including all the drugs that are used for psychosomatic treatments, psychiatric treatments, and so on. Everything that people take, they pee out. The water gets basically back into the water stream coming back to us through the water pipe. Now we have all of these medicines in there, and also Jessie Venture reported on it, there is even radiation in our drinking water, and so on.

If it comes from the government, don’t trust it. Make it yourself. If the federal government tells you something to do, I do the opposite of whatever it is. Because I know they have their own agenda, not mine. We just need to be aware of that. We have to have the water filter, pink salt, Himalayan salt which is mined. Since it comes out of a mine, all of the pollution from the outside, the (inaudible [3:54]) and so on is not on it. Plus it has 76 trace minerals in it. Because you take everything out if you filter the water, the good stuff is gone too. The easiest and cheapest way is really pink salt. Himalayan salt I think costs the same like sea salt, but it’s really, really powerful and good for you.

As I always say, I would drink a gallon of water a day with half a teaspoon of pink salt in it. You can use sea salt if you want to, but there is so much in the oceans and I’m not trusting it any longer. This Fukushima, the nuclear reactor accident in Japan, it might be radioactive too.

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